Two Dazzling Musical Portrait - Petrushka and Hary Janos2009年09月26日 07時35分

米Columbia Masterworks MS-6746 2eyes LP
米Columbia Masterworks MS-6746(Regular ML-6146) 2eyes LP
Two Dazzling Musical Portrait
Stravinsky : Petrushka (rec 1964年3月)
Kodaly : Hary Janos (rec 1961年12月)

Eugene Ormandy/The Philadelphia Orchestra

"Petroushka" also available on CD as
Sony Classical Essential Classics SBK 47664


ペトルーシュカ は後に下記のLPでも発売されてます。
CBS/Columbia Masterworks M31632((C)(P)1972,StereoLP Gray Label)
"The Fabulous Philadelphia Sound Series"
Suite from "The Fire Bird"(1919 Version?, rec. 1967)
Suite from "Petroushka"(Original 1911 Orchestration Version, rec. March 23,1964)

ペトルーシュカについて、MS-6746 の解説には、

The suite performed here by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra is based on Stravinsky's original version of Petrushka of 1913. It includes the complete first and second scenes, the Dance of the Ballerina, the Waltz and the Quarrel of the third scene. The last scene is represented by its opening music, the dances and The Maskers episode.


In 1946, the composer rescored Petroushka for a smaller Orchestra, with radically altered instrumentation. The suite performed here by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra is made up of excerpts from original 1911 orchestration. (It includes...以下同上)



ハーリー・ヤーノシュは、以前”オーマンディ 音の饗宴1300 「ハーリー・ヤーノシュ」&「キージェ中尉」 ”で取り上げましたね・・・